I Want to be an Avatar

22 Dec

Just saw the new 3-dimensional movie, The Avatars. The plot is a little confusing to explain, but it’s about a typical family in Fern Gully, which is a big blue jungle in space, and how they resolve their interpersonal issues.

I relate to them because they look similar to humans, only bigger and blue and way more fitness oriented. However when I left the theater I felt kind of strange and sad, like I had just watched a 3-dimensional film about a really chill, muscular culture of people who have maintained the “old ways” but also are experts on following their hearts, just like Americans, but even better.

Whereas I grew up in an urban environment, and I consider my knowledge about blogs and fashion to be really important parts of my identity, the Avatar Family lives in the forest. They don’t even wear clothes and I get the feeling that they would think my hobbies were sort of dumb and irrelevent. They would make fun of me for not knowing about all of their sacred rituals, and for being self-centered.

When the bad guys came in to destroy the Avatars’ home planet so that they could steal all of their natural resources, I kind of felt like the bad guys were almost supposed to represent Americans stealing from Middle Easterners\Africans\South\Central Americans. If I were confronted with this situation, I would do everything in my power to help the Avatars defeat corporations.

Discussion Questions:

1. Should Americans find a new planet to move to, since everybody is mad at us?

2. Will there be better abs in the new millenium?

3. Do you think that The Avatars are attractive? I actually think that they are. Is Avatar Porn a viable way to make money in the future?

4. Which is a better James Cameron version of the future?


or Dark Angel:

One Response to “I Want to be an Avatar”

  1. Enish Froon December 22, 2009 at 1:14 pm #

    I’m conflicted on whether my money would be better spent on this, or The Imaginarium Doctor Parnassus (amazing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jU3AimFaz0).

    What’s that? Oh, you want an on topic reply? Well.. I haven’t see the flick, but I’d certainly “explore my upward mobility” with an Avatar alien.

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