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Barack Obama: More or Less Popular

9 Sep

The other day, I posted on Facebook. As a professional blogger, I kind of pride myself on my social networking skills, and I like to think that I understand people. I try to post about moments from my life that are meaningful and aesthetically pleasing (aka “avocado moments”), or jokes from which my FB friends can get a few LOLs.

I checked back a lil later, to see how people were “like”-ing what I had to say:

It was a pretty good post: 6 of my FBFs felt positive about my status update, and one was even inspired to share an “avocado moment” from his own life.

I decided to see what my friend\leader Barack Obama was up to:

Now, I know that some people are all mad at the Barack Obama for ruining the economy and selling our healthcare to the Russians, but I would say that my main complaint is that his posts are not usually funny\it sort of seems like he doesn’t really write them.

Apparently, though, Barack Obama is actually more popular than me.  On this not very good post, he got 492 “likes” and 524 comments. He actually has 13 million Facebook friends.

I am actually thinking about un-friending him. Is that rude\will I get arrested? I just feel like Cabdiqanna Hassan has a good point — Obama might be “perfect man,” but mostly he has been a total snooze of a president. When will he “make true the promisees” of his campaign?

Pretty sure Barack Obama said that he was going to  veto war, and use the Air Force to deliver independent literary journals, but instead he is just like, frowning at things and pointing. He said he would plant cigarette trees, and sponsor an alcoholic energy drink called Barack O-BOMB-A, but instead he just goes jogging. He promised that he had an iPhone, but it turns out that he is a dad.

Some questions to consider:

How important to you is it that your President is an active Facebooker?

Do you “like” jokes about Keeping Portland Weird, or do you actually strive to keep portland weird? (Alternative question for non-Portland residents: When do you plan to move to Portland?)

Are the Obamas actually Jewish?